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We currently have an 11 month old female to place in a new forever home. Her first owners gave her lots of love, but very few boundaries, and no training. She has now had six weeks of intense training and boundary setting here with her original family. She is a sweetheart and will be a great addition to an active home as she is high energy.

It is with overwhelming grief that we share the loss of our sweet Riley at nine. He had a congenital defect that caused CHF, but suddenly developed an in-operable tumor and we helped him cross the bridge. He was such a sweet boy, he will be so missed. Rest in Peace sweet Riley Roo...

 Welcome to Ransom Creek Goldens.  I am a small hobby breeder located in Stevens County Washington, just Northwest of Spokane.  Dogs have been a part of my life for over thirty years.  The last eighteen years I have had Golden Retrievers.  Nine years ago I finally reached a point in my life where I could realize my dream of becoming a breeder and showing dogs in conformation and obedience venues.  I strive to produce high quality and healthy puppies for our pet owners. 
 I am  committed to the golden retriever breed and want each puppy I breed to be an outstanding example of the golden standard.  To that end I will be producing very well thought out and studied litters, usually when I am looking to add a dog to my program.  I adhere to the AKC and GRCA standards and codes of ethics in all my dealings.  I believe the welfare of my dogs comes before any other thing and remain a part of my puppies lives once they have left for their forever homes.  I am a  member of the Inland Empire Golden Retriever Club, GRCA, the Spokane Kennel Club, The Spokane Dog Training Club and are registered with AKC. I also have Joker, Dancer and Rayna Jaymes enrolled in the MAF Golden Retriever Lifetime Study which is 3000 strong.  Their goal is to study these 3000 dogs for their lifetime to see if they can determine the cause or causes of all the cancers that are taking goldens far too soon,I feel honored to be part of this tremendous study.
 I thank you for stopping by my website and hope you enjoy visiting.  Please contact me anytime, I'd love to have you visit in person to meet me and my family of goldens. 
 Please bear with me as I continue working to set up our web site so that it will be of greatest service to all.  More changes to come.  
 Judy Ransom
 Ransom Creek Goldens

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